Human & Rohde, Inc. has been providing design services including master planning, construction documents and construction administration services for parks of all sizes throughout Maryland for nearly 40 years. We are experienced in coordinating work with the local municipalities, interest groups, other consultants, Maryland State Highway Administration, and other state agencies where appropriate to determine impacts and to resolve potential conflicts with environmental resources, utilities, permitting issues, and community opinions. Our typical scope of work includes providing environmental evaluations; preparing exhibits and making public presentations; preparing master plan reports, estimates, construction plans, details, and specifications; designing playgrounds and interpretive signage; and providing construction administration services.


The Master Plan design process, as we use it, inventories the characteristics and capabilities of the site, determines the needs and desires of the community, and develops the program along with the using agency. This results in the preparation of schematic plans, the Final Master Plan, cost estimates, and phasing plans. All this is done through graphics, presentations, and discussions. We are good listeners, have years of experience, and, coupled with graphics, insure a buy-in from all groups. You will be amazed at our use of the process and satisfaction of all involved. When the Master Plan is complete, the site will be respected, groups will be satisfied, and the plan will be a natural blending of uses and site characteristics.