Phase 1 and Phase II of the Red Run Stream Valley Trail runs along the old Dolfield Road in Owings Mills from Red Run Boulevard to Pleasant Hill Road, with paved spur trails and boardwalks for approximately 1.6 miles, plus an unpaved wood chip hiking trail to Lakeside Boulevard. Human & Rohde, Inc. was responsible for resource delineation, preparing a feasibility study of the initial alignment of the trail and amenities; development of schematic and final design of the trail in phases; contract document preparation; rendering enlarged plans for the amenities areas; design of twelve interpretive signs including copy, graphics, format and materials; and construction phase services. Donor packages were prepared to attract businesses to donate amenities. Construction was completed in 2010 at a cost of approximately $1 million.

Human & Rohde also provided wetland delineation and forest conservation services and applied for and received a joint permit from MDE. Impacts to sensitive areas were minimized by designing boardwalks over wetlands and their buffers, and seating areas and interpretive signage was provided throughout the trail to educate users about Baltimore County’s valuable resources.