Human & Rohde was contracted with Anne Arundel County Department of Recreation and Parks to prepare Master Plans for five different sites on the Mayo Peninsula including Glebe Heights, Mayo Water Reclamation Facility, South River Farms, Mayo Beach, and Beverly Triton. Working with a Master Plan Advisory Committee, we prepared a Site Analysis and Land Bay Map for each site to help the committee understand the assets and constraints of each property so they could develop appropriate programs for each park. Once the programs were determined we prepared schematic plans for the committee to review and continued to refine the schematics until there was a consensus of opinions on the best layout so that we could prepare the final master plans. All the parks with exception of Glebe Heights have land within the critical area if not entirely within the critical area of the Chesapeake Bay as well as potential FIDS Habitats and wetlands in nearly all of the sites. Many of the sites have areas with archaeological/historical significance that needed to be respected. Besides all the environmental constraints, the communities surrounding the parks were very concerned about introducing too many recreational opportunities because the only access to the Mayo Peninsula is Maryland Route 214. Therefore, creating additional traffic into the neighborhoods was a major factor in developing these master plans. Cost estimates were prepared for each site and the plans were presented to the Mayo Peninsula Communities and to the Anne Arundel County Executive. The Master Plans were approved in December 2017.

Mayo master plans
Glebe Heights Park Master Plan

Glebe Heights Park is a 26-acre site on Loch Haven Road and is part of the Glebe Heights Communal System/Mayo Water Reclamation Facility which is scheduled for decommission. Only six acres of the site are unwooded and slopes range from 5 to over 15 percent. Because of the small size and desire to maintain the tree cover as well as protect the historically significant area of the property, the program for the park included:

  • Dog Parks for large and small Dogs
  • Open Play Area
  • Playground
  • Picnic Area Parking for approximately 134 Vehicles
  • Paved Trail connection to Mayo WRF Park and Loch Haven Park
  • A Nature Trail through the wooded area
  • Stormwater Management

Mayo WRF Park (Water Reclamation Facility) is approximately 115 acres and is located between Loch Haven Road and Selby Heights Drive and Maryland Route 214. As with Glebe Heights, this site is to be decommissioned as a reclamation facility. It is surrounded by residential neighborhoods, South River Farms Park and commercial areas. The Johnson Property (also known as Gresham) sits within the boundary of WRF. It was the home of Captain Isaac Mayo and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. There are existing buildings on the site as well as the water treatment facilities that include peat filters, emergent wetland filters, sand filters, and water tanks. The property is predominantly wooded and only the open areas with relatively flat slopes are where the filtrationfacilities and buildings are located.

The Master Plan developed for the site provided for access from Loch Haven Road via the existing Pure Water Way and a new access from Maryland Route 214 that would tie into Pure Water Way. A 10 foot wide Hike Bike Trail would parallel the roadway and tie into activities on site. The proposed improvements included:

  • 3 Lighted Multi-purpose fields 220’ x 360’
  • 2 Lighted baseball Diamonds with 200’ Foul Lines & 70’ baselines
  • 2 Lighted Multi-purpose Courts (basketball, Tennis, Volleyball, Bocce Ball etc.)
  • 3 Tot Lots/Playgrounds
  • 6 Picnic Pavilions
  • Individual Picnic Tables
  • 10’ wide Hike/Bike Trail Connecting to South River Farm Park, Loch Haven Park and Glebe Heights Park
  • 2 New Restrooms (Ex. Restrooms in Headquarters building)
  • Concession/Storage Building
  • Maintenance Facility Parking for 547
  • Access to Gresham through the Park
  • Parking at Gresham for 45
  • Stormwater Management Facilities

A Construction Phasing Plan was also prepared for this site.

Mayo WRF Park Master Plan
South River Farm Park Master Plan

South River Farms Park is approximately 181 acres in size and is located at the eastern end of Loch Haven Drive on the South River. Residential properties abut the park as does Limehouse Cove, South River, and the Mayo WRF facility (park). The site’s existing conditions offer both environmental opportunities and constraints. The site offers public access to the water and beautiful views while at the same time imposing constraints on the amount of disturbance to the land. All but 11 acres of the property are within the critical area and the site is predominantly wooded with only 15 acres cleared. There are three identified archaeological sites within the park, potential FIDS habitat, and an area of DNR Species or Natural Communities of Concern.
Given all the constraints of the site, the ultimate program for the park called for:

  • Paved Hike/Bike Trail connecting to Mayo WRF Park
  • 2 Picnic Pavilions and restrooms
  • Volleyball Court
  • Fishing Pier
  • Office and Restrooms + Outdoor Showers
  • Tot lot
  • Picnic Areas
  • Wading Beach
  • Pedestrian Ramps to the Shoreline
  • Portable Restroom/Rinse Station
  • Dog Beach
  • Kayak/Canoe Boat Launch
  • Existing Nature Trails Maintained and Signed
  • Improved Entrance Road with Gate
  • Parking for Approximately 210
  • Stormwater Management Facilities

Mayo Beach Park is located on the South River where it empties into the Chesapeake Bay. The park is approximately 23 acres in size and accessed from Honeysuckle Drive with water on two sides and a residential neighborhood to the north and south. The site has historically been used as a camp for children with disabilities during the summer months and a venue for special events. Existing facilities on the site include an events building with a courtyard and picnic pavilion/outdoor kitchen, a camp headquarters building, restrooms, two maintenance buildings, outdoor showers, and two play areas with a pedestrian ramp to the beach. There are also two designated kayak/canoe boat launch areas and parking for approximately 25 to 30 vehicles. The park is only open to the public on a limited bases and the goal of the master plan is to open the park more often to the general public.

Like South River Farms Park, the site is entirely within the critical area with a designated 100-foot buffer to tidal waters. There is also a small pond and wetlands on the site. The final master plan called for:

  • A Gatehouse
  • 2 Car-top boat Launches with Drop-off Space
  • 4 Picnic Pavilions 20’x20’ Each with ADA Parking
  • New Play Equipment
  • New Bathhouse/Restrooms
  • Existing Restroom Upgraded to include a Bath house
  • Paved Parking for 157 Vehicles
  • Drinking Fountain
  • Additional Pedestrian Ramp to the Beach Area
  • Renovated Walkways
  • Renovated Courtyard Adjacent to the Events Building
  • New HVAC System for the Events Building
Mayo Beach Park
Beverly Triton Beach Park

Beverly Triton Beach Park is 331 acres in size and located at the southeastern end of the Mayo Peninsula. It is accessed from Triton Beach Road. Residential neighborhoods abut the property on three sides with the Chesapeake Bay on the southeast boundary providing almost a mile of shoreline. Triton Beach Road and Carvel Lane separate approximately 60 acres of the park from the remaining 211 acres. From the 1920’s to the 1960’s, the area was the Beverly Beach Resort with beaches, dance halls, a casino, and cabins. Most of the site is within the critical area with a 100-foot buffer to tidal wetlands. There are also four ponds on site with the largest at 28 acres. Other than about 8 acres, the site is wooded, and wetlands can be found throughout. An existing house is used by a park ranger and a small gravel drive is the access to the house and the shoreline. There are several existing nature trails throughout the site. A small gravel parking area is adjacent to Triton Beach Road to provide public parking.

The Beverly Triton Community was very adamant about keeping the park as natural as possible with low impact. The program for the final master plan included:

  • Parking for 96 Vehicles + Drop-off Space for Kiteboarders and Kayakers
  • A Gatehouse
  • Re-alignment of Beverly Triton Road
  • A Turn-around Area
  • Nature Trails
  • ADA Accessible Trails
  • A Children’s Wetland Play Space
  • 3 Picnic Pavilions
  • Picnic Areas
  • A Ranger’s Office
  • Restrooms/Outdoor Showers
  • Fishing Pier
  • Wildlife Blind for Nature Study
  • Pedestrian Ramp to the Beach
  • Storage Shed
  • Tree Mitigation
  • Stormwater Management Facilities