This project involved the rehabilitation of existing park facilities at this nearly 40-year old community park in Monrovia, MD under Human & Rohde’s IDQ Contract with Frederick County Division of Parks & Recreation (DPR). Human & Rohde coordinated with DPR and the firm’s sub-consultants to analyze existing site conditions and develop construction plans and specifications for the renovation of the park’s existing pavilions, restroom building, asphalt trails and concrete stairs, ballfield, portable toilet facilities, parking areas and roadways, cleaning of existing playground equipment and tennis courts, and landscaping. The work also included the design of replacement signage, a new playground, and accessible amphitheater, and the plantings for a new bio-retention area. The grading for all renovated and new facilities was closely examined to ensure compliance with ADA requirements. Non-toxic cleansers for washing existing playground equipment were specified.

Human & Rohde also assisted with bidding and provided construction administration services. The work was completed in 2018 at a cost of approximately $1.2 million. The playground and amphitheater were deferred to a future budget period yet to be determined.