The Joint Venture of Human & Rohde, Inc. and Wallace Montgomery & Associates, LLC, designed the 12,600 foot on-road and 5,650 linear foot off-road bike trail on the Hawthorne Peninsula in Middle River. The trail system provides a bike trail loop around the community as well as connections with and through Midthorne/Hawthorne Park and Dark Head Creek Park where there is access to the waterfront.

The project included streetscape design, intersection improvements with stamped concrete crosswalks, park and bike trail signage, landscaping for park entrances and storm water management facilities, storm water management design, and mitigation plantings. Work included a site analysis, wetland delineation and forest conservation services, obtaining a Joint Permit from MDE, and establishing and planting the Critical Area buffer. Signage design was coordinated with a graphic artist to establish a special identity for the trail system.

Construction was completed in 2009 at a cost of approximately $750,000.